22 Jan

6 Tips for Planning a Funfilled Motorhome Holiday With Your Family

The freedom to explore unique places with your loved ones is one of the most fabulous parts of organising a motorhome road trip. And when you are road-tripping in a country like Australia, it's hard for you to understand your excitement level.

Brimming with breathtakingly startling family holiday destinations, Australia is without a doubt the best place on the entire planet to carry out road trips. The vastness of the country and its unique landscapes make it a bucket-list holiday destination for both solo travellers and families.

Packed with marvellous walking and hiking trails, Australia has numerous picture-perfect destinations that holidaymakers can explore on foot.

Motorhome road trips give you the opportunity to carry out some of the craziest things with your loved ones. Apart from that, road-tripping also allow you to spend quality time with your loved ones or friends and help you collect unforgettable memories that you can cherish throughout your life.

motorhome holiday

So, if you are new to road-tripping, Aussie Campervans have come up with some striking tips that will help you organise an unforgettable motorhome road trip.

1. Find Out Where You Want to Go 

The most indispensable step in planning a motorhome road trip is to identify where you want to go and for how long you want to be there. You can't decide anything about your trip until you know for how many days you want to be away from your home. 

Once that is sorted, you can then plan other crucial things about your trip. To finalise your destination, you have to think about factors like weather conditions, number of attractions you can explore, and the likings of your loved ones. 

2. Make a List of Activities That You Want To Do 

You must be dreaming about something that you want to do with your loved ones during your trip, jot down all those activities in a paper. Whether it's hiking, walking, swimming, fishing, birdwatching or snorkelling, you should list down all the things that you want to perform during your trip so that you can prepare yourself for them. 

For example, if you want to explore a lot of walking and hiking trails, then you need to carry comfortable clothes and shoes. Similarly, if you are thinking about enjoying fishing, then you should look for such destinations. 

3. Check a Motorhome Personally Before Booking It 

After finalising where you want to go, you should then focus on hiring a perfect motorhome. And to achieve this goal, you have to consider factors such as the size of your family, facilities provided by the company, and the working order of the vehicle. 

You can book a motorhome online, but to get a comprehensive understanding of space and the facilities that it offers, you should check your vehicle personally before you book it. 

To ensure that the motorhome is in the perfect working order, you should perform a quick maintenance inspection. You should examine its tyres, engine, battery, windscreen wipers, braking system, and all the lights.

 If any of these parts are not in the perfect working order, then it's better to check other alternatives. You shouldn't book a motorhome that doesn't have proper maintenance history. And if you do that, you will end up experiencing frequent breakdowns. 

Apart from that, if possible, try to take the test drive to figure out whether the vehicle is comfortable to drive or not. 

4. Book Campsites That Offers Good Facilities 

After hiring an ideal motorhome, you should then book the campsites that provide all the necessary facilities such as camp kitchen, clean bathrooms, swimming pool, children's playground, wifi, and BBQ facilities, etc. 

And in case you are planning to travel with your furry friend, you should inquire about it from the concerned authorities, otherwise; you may face problems later on. Considering that only a few campsites provide entry to pets, it's better to discuss it in advance. 

5. Create a Packing Checklist

Effective packing is not only vital for reducing your travel cost, but it also provides peace of mind to you. When you know that you are travelling with all the essential things, you don't have to wait for small towns to buy anything. 

People who travel with small babies face enormous consequences of underestimating the significance of packing. So, if you are also planning a trip with your little ones, make sure that you pack everything effectively. 

To ensure that you do not forget anything, create a packing checklist in advance. Include all the important things that your baby will require during the journey on your list. Include things like baby food, diapers, toys, medicines, and baby oil, etc., in it. 

You should also include long-lasting and nutritious food items on your checklist such as dried fruits, homemade cookies, burger buns, and pizza base, etc.

Apart from that, you should also include things like a chair, a small table, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, comb, shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, moisturiser, camera, and mobile charger, etc., in your packing checklist. And while packing your luggage, make sure that you refer this list. 

6. Prepare Yourself to Cook Your Food 

If you are planning a long motorhome road trip, then you need to get ready to cook your food. If you rely on restaurant food, it will not only ruin your health but will also increase your travelling cost. Therefore, it's better to cook healthy food in your motorhome. If you are not a good cook, you can learn about cooking before you hit the road. 

One of the best ways to enhance your culinary skills is to watch a lot of cooking videos on YouTube. You can also buy recipe books and go through them. Make a list of food items that you can cook quickly during your trip. 

In other words, include easy to prepare recipes in your list, and try them a couple of times before you start your journey. 

Last but not least, make sure that you take frequent breaks because driving continually for more than three hours can exhaust you, which increases the risk of accidents.

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