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8 Questions To Consider While Planning A Motorhome Road Trip

If you are planning to hit open roads in Australia in the upcoming months, you need to indulge in a lot of preparation. Both motorhomes and campervans give a never before kind of experience to travel enthusiasts.

When compared to other countries in the world, Australia offers way too many road trip destinations, which are not only uniquely beautiful but they can keep you and your loved ones occupied from dawn to dusk for several days.

It's hard to find such a diverse country anywhere else on the entire planet. People from different parts of the world travel to this uniquely breathtaking country to explore its distinctive wildlife, vast national parks, incredible coastal destinations, tranquil lakes and rivers, and mindblowing beaches that remain packed with holidaymakers all year round.

When it comes to travelling, Australia will exceed your imagination. It's a place where you will discover different types of foods and wines, at every stage of your journey.

Road tripping not only helps you discover new places in the best way possible, but it is also a great way to improve your knowledge. However, both motorhome and campervan road trips come with enormous challenges, and you must remain prepared to tackle them effectively.

So, if you are thinking about exploring Australia in a motorhome, Aussie Campervans has come up with some interesting questions that you must ask yourself before hitting wide open roads in Australia.

How early should I plan my motorhome road trip?

Since planning a long road trip is not a joke, make sure you invest sufficient time in it. The ideal time to plan your journey is to start at least 2-months in advance. Most people who underestimate the significance of early planning face several problems. If you want to reduce the frustration and discomfort during your trip, make sure you start planning it early.

Whether you are planning a week-long trip or you are thinking about hitting the roads for over a month, figuring out where you want to go, and what you want to do over there, can bring a world of difference in the way you enjoy your precious time with your loved ones. 

Should I hire a motorhome or buy one?

It is one of the most crucial questions that most people ask themselves. So the answer is if you are someone who plans road trips only once in a while, then renting one is the best option for you because buying needs a lot of investment. However, those who love road-tripping frequently can think about buying a motorhome.

But the fact remains that only a handful of people can afford to plan long road trips within short intervals of time, it's always better to rely on rental vehicles.

When you buy a motorhome, you also need a proper parking space for it; otherwise, your vehicle will damage soon because of heat, rain, dust, and airborne pollutants, etc. Since it can't fit in a small space, it's better to call off your plans, if you can't afford that extra space.

How early should I hire a motorhome?

It's always better to book a vehicle as early as possible. If you book one at least three to four months in advance, you can get good deals. Most motorhome rental companies offer great deals and discounts to customers, who book their vehicles in off season. However, you will have to pay more for the same one, if you book it at the last moment.

Therefore, if you know that you are going on a road trip three months from now, you should book your vehicle immediately to cut the travel cost.

What kind of facilities should I seek in the motorhome?

Whether you have a big family or a small one, facilities are crucial for everyone. One of the best ways to pick a quality motorhome is to consider the size of your family in the first place. After that, make sure that your it comes with facilities like washing, cooking, and comfortable berths for sleeping. When it comes to cooking facilities, make sure that you stick to a vehicle which offers a microwave ( so that you can heat the food whenever you feel hungry), utensils like pots and pans, and coffee mugs, etc.

Some motorhomes also come with a portable fridge, so if you are travelling with your kids, make sure you pick the one that offers all the necessary facilities. 

What kind of route should I choose? 

Well, different people have different requirements, when it comes to picking a route for a road trip. People who travel with their kids should stick to safe roads. Yes, sticking to well-maintained roads not only reduces fatigue but also gives you a unique sense of safety. 

However, if you are a bunch of good friends in their late-20s or mid-30s, then you must explore the real road-tripping tracks that make it difficult for you to cross each mile. Since road-tripping is all about exploring extreme road conditions, if you are not travelling with kids, you must get that experience. 

What to consider while booking a campground? 

Make sure that you book campgrounds in advance to save a significant amount of money. It not only helps in reducing your travel expenses but also offers you the mental peace. In case you are travelling with your furry friend, make sure you clarify with the authorities about whether pets are allowed or not. 

Yes, it's true that only a handful of campgrounds allow pets; therefore, you must inquire about it. 

Besides, you should also ask them about the hidden charges.

Should I pack snacks? 

You should always pack healthy and long-lasting snacks for your road trips. Since you can't cook food whenever you feel hungry; therefore, it's better to have something in your bag on which you can rely on when you can't find a restaurant nearby. 

And in case you are travelling with your kids, packing healthy food becomes mandatory. It's not just the snacks that you should pack there are other crucial things that you should carry with you; for example, comfortable clothes, swimsuits, camping gear like backpacks, waist packs, camping tents, sleeping bags ( in case you want to sleep outside your vehicle) an extra table and chair, etc. 

Besides, you should also pack toiletries like shampoo, handwash, and toothpaste, etc. 

What if I forget my license? 

You must have a valid license to travel in Australia; otherwise, you will have to pay fine for it. Non-Australians must have an international driving permit to drive in Australia.

So, if you have satisfactory answers to all the above questions, you will enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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