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Welcome 2016 - Motorhomes Offer Huge Freedom While Traveling in Australia!

Exploring and discovering new places is not something which is enjoyed only by typical travelers alone, in fact, it is such a thing that all of us look forward to. Provided the fact that we have sufficient time, we always want to enrich our knowledge about the history, culture, art, architecture, food, lifestyle, and wildlife of new places. And if we talk about Australia in this context, the country has some of the most interesting attractions to offer.

Australia is an amazing country and continent which is fully surrounded by seas and that’s the reason it offers some of the most extraordinary and wonderful beaches in the world. Some of them include Burleigh Heads Beach in Gold Coast, Cable Beach, Western Australia, Whitehaven Beach in Queensland and Noosa Main Beach again in Queensland etc.

In addition, to that Australia is also home to many stunning islands apart from the islands of Tasmania. Some of the most popular islands in Australia include Fraser Island, Cockatoo Island, Kangaroo Island, Lord Howe Island, Mornington Island, Flinders Island, King Island, and Rottnest Island etc. These islands are home to some of a unique wild animals and plants on this planet. Australia has plenty of amazing national parks (such as Kakadu National Park, The Blue Mountains National Park, Purnululu National Park, and Port Campbell National Park etc.,) wherein you can explore wild animals such as kangaroo, wombat, koala, wallaby, and platypus etc.

Prior to European colonization in Australia, the country was mostly inhabited by Indigenous or Aboriginal Australians. These people were spread all over Australia and in its nearby islands. So if you travel across Australia, you can learn a lot about the history and culture of Aboriginal Australian. In order to get extensive information about Aboriginal Australians or native Australian, you can visit a large number of art galleries and museums, which are especially dedicated to preserving native Australian art and culture. 

Apart from all These, You can also Explore the Vibrant and Dynamic Multicultural Australian Cities. 

Advantages of Traveling on a Motorhome

  • But exploring all these places won’t be easy until and unless you are traveling on a self-drive motorhome or campervan, which provide you with maximum freedom
  • You can hire these vehicles from motorhome rentals in Australia
  • When you travel with your entire accommodation, you really don’t have to take tension about stopovers and hotels.
  • You can easily manage nights in motorhomes and can go on traveling throughout the day with small breaks in between
  • If you find a nice destination or location you can stop there as long as you want, and then continue with your journey as per your requirement
  • In other words, the best part of traveling on a self-drive motorhome is that you don’t have any restrictions when it comes to hitting the roads or taking a break. No other mode of traveling can provide you with kind of luxury and freedom
  • You can really enjoy traveling from one Australian city to another on a self-drive motorhome or campervan, wherein you can take as many stops as you want.
  • For example, you can easily travel from Sydney to Canberra, Melbourne to Sydney, Perth to Melbourne, Sydney to New South Wales, and Gold Cost to Cairn etc., on a motorhome
  • While traveling from one city to another, you can explore the routes and can discover some of the awe-inspiring landscapes, wildlife, beaches, and sunrise and sunsets etc.
  • If you love driving then you must hit Australian roads such as the Great Alpine Road and the Great Ocean Road etc.
  • While hitting the Great Alpine Road on a self- drive motorhome, you can surely explore the true beauty of Victoria
  • Similarly, while driving through the Great Ocean Road, you can enjoy the soothing beauty of the coastal region if you wish you can easily pull over your vehicle and enjoy the beauty of that particular place
  • As motorhomes are equipped with kitchen and washing facilities, you can easily prepare sandwich and can enjoy it with your favorite coffee, while enjoying the nature at the same time.

Motorhoming is a great way to travel around the Australia - I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

New hopes! New resolutions! New Aspiration! Love and Laughter in your life! Peace and Prosperity in your life! Success and Good Times On New Year! AussieCampervans Wishing you a Sparkling and Rocking New Year.

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