28 Feb

6 Ways to Cut Your Motorhome Travel Expenses In Australia

For any holidaymaker travelling in a motorhome is one of the best ways to experience the true essence of a road trip. The freedom and flexibility that are enjoyed by avid travellers during their motorhome road trips, is way too difficult to describe in words. Australia is one of the best countries in the world to enjoy motorhome road trips because it is packed with stunning destinations that keep travellers occupied from dawn to dusk.

However, if you have a tight budget but still want to explore some of the best places in Australia, then you need to learn the art of living in a motorhome.
You can easily reduce your travel cost if you are ready to implement the ideas provided below.

1. Book your vehicle in off-season

One of the best ways to reduce your travel cost is to book your vehicle in the off-season because that’s the time you get best deals and discounts. Most of the inexperienced travellers make the mistake of booking their motorhomes at the last moment which raise their travel cost like anything. So considering the fact that you will always find high price when you book your vehicle at the last moment, it's better to take advantage of early booking.

2. Learn to carry out basic maintenance jobs

Since it’s quite true that you will be accountable for driving your vehicle during your trip, it is important that you have a basic idea of how to maintain it in good condition. In addition to that, if unfortunately, something goes wrong with your vehicle then you must have the ability to perform the basic maintenance jobs. For example, whether you talk about replacing the brake pads, or changing a tyre you must be capable of carrying out these basic maintenance tasks.
So, rather than spending money by paying in a car service station to fix the problem with your vehicle, you can save that amount by doing basic maintenance work on your own.

3. Negotiate while booking campgrounds

If you are planning a long road trip it’s better to research about the campgrounds before booking them. What you can do is make a list of at least 6 to 7 campgrounds and compare their prices. Then select a few which are less expensive but are still providing good facilities. Once you are done with finalising a couple of campgrounds, you can then make phone calls to concerned authorities in each campground and then start negotiating the price with them. At the end of your conversation, you will surely be able to get good deals.
In short, do not book any campground without negotiating the price, if you want to cut your travel cost.

4. Use navigation apps

It’s not at all intelligent to travel in a country like Australia without a navigation app. You can download a quality navigation app on your mobile which can guide you during your journey. The best part of using a navigation app is that they help you out with the shortest route so that you can reach your destination very quickly and can save a lot of money on fuel. Following the directions offered by the app is very important to travel safely in unknown areas.
However, when you travel without a navigation app you can easily go out of track which not only leads to frustration but also raises your fuel expenses because it might take a lot of time for you to get back on the main route.

5. Carry all the essential items

It is better to pack all those things that you will be requiring during your journey or on your destination. Rather than buying essential items such as shampoo, conditioners, hats, lotions, paper towels, toothpaste, and toothbrushes etc., on the way, it is better to pack them to reduce your travel expenses. In addition to that, you can also pack edible items such as dry fruits and cookies as well as travel accessories like hiking shoes, comfy clothes, sunglasses, and your camera.

6. Don’t rely on restaurant food

It is very important that you limit the consumption of restaurant food because it not only increases your travel cost but is also not that good for your health. The more you eat out, the more are the chances of you falling sick, so it’s better to avoid both street food and food from fine dining restaurants.
One of the best ways to stay healthy during your trips is to cook your own food in your vehicle. Since your vehicle comes with all the kitchen facilities, you can easily cook nutritious food to stay fit during your holidays.
Finally, rather than relying on expensive grocery stores, you can buy fruits and vegetables from local markets to reduce your travel expenses.
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