03 Jun

Touring and COVID-19 -Let's go for motorhomes

The year 2020 has been a real eye-opener for each and every individual. The world has been facing several problems for a long time and has overcome the obstacle successfully. Today we are facing this humongous threat to humanity via a microscopic organism, which is quite the irony in my opinion. Everyone is trying to take appropriate measures to wither the storm caused by COVID-19 through coping mechanisms like developing new hobbies or simply revisiting some long-lost old ones. The strict confinement has us all dreaming and planning for future endeavors of traveling and exploring. Since international travel is going to be quite risky for at least another year, hiring a motorhome in Perth to explore in and around the city are the safest bets to catch up on some travel this year. 


Motorhomes are the most secure way to stay self-contained

Motorhomes can be compared to RVs and campervans as they are capable of providing suitable living conditions and sustain life for as long as needed. In addition, they can be the best medium to remain self-isolated in these trying times while exploring the outskirts simultaneously. The manufacturers are coming up with amazing technologies that arm the motorhomes with generators, solar panels, and even laundry facilities giving you the power to go off the grid for a while. Of course, these travel plans can take shape once the virus gets abolished but it is wise to start booking and mapping out the safest routes and exploration sites in advance to be completely prepared.

While vacations are off-limits, road trips provide an alternative

Surveys conducted in various countries depict that once it is safer to travel families and friends will prefer camping and road trips in order to step out and find suitable campsites to park their motorhomes and pursue adventurous activities to substitute for the summer break plans. Several new private campgrounds are a work in progress with all the amenities required to have a conducive environment without coming in the proximity of other people. As the restrictions begin to lift off the motorhomes and camping spots are being booked rapidly. Everyone is an eager beaver when it comes to getting out of their homes after spending some scary times indoors.

Maintain proper hygiene standards and practices while touring

Being impatient when combined with being irresponsible can lead to some extremely disastrous situations. By no means should we forget what we are going through on and forego hygienic routines that we have implemented in the past few months. While touring in a hired motorhome treat it like your actual house and do not trash it inappropriately.

Even if the effects of COVID-19 seem to have been diminished, be on the lookout for potential harm, keep disinfecting your person and surroundings as well as maintain distance from other people. Another important tip to bear in mind is that it is better to hire a motorhome for a few days rather than outright buying one if you are someone who will experience the van life for the first time. This gives you a glimpse into the life led by people on the move and helps you decide if it’s your cup of tea.

All in all, motorhomes and road trips appear to be the only saving grace for travel buffs this year

Road trips and campervan life was already a prevalent travel option in Perth but these horrid times are sure to give it a boost and encourage more people to try this approach to travel around and explore the country. If you are also keen to step out into the beauty of nature then start itching out a plan and make a booking like hiring a motorhome, stocking the supplies before it becomes difficult to reach out. The pandemic has shown us how we have taken the privilege of traveling around very lightly, therefore, this can be the best way to cherish the freedom of going out and celebrating the world outside the confined walls of our homes. 

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