04 May

A beginner’s guide to traveling in a motorhome

Traveling brings a person wealth in terms of enriching experiences and memorable adventures. This wanderlust, as we millennials like to describe it, can be quenched through various means. Renting a motorhome or a caravan is known to be one of the best modes of exploring the states or just having a wonderful time with your buddies or travel partners. If you are new to such travels and wish to learn a few tips and tricks about hitting the roads in your RV you have landed at the correct place. Let’s go ahead and discuss how you can work your way around renting a motorhome in Perth.

Caravan on medow

What vehicle should you choose?

The most important part of planning your road journey is selecting your vehicular companion that will also be your home for the next few days. When you are a beginner and are just trying our hand out on different kinds of RVs (recreational vehicles) you should consider renting one before going on a limb and make such an expensive purchase. Just like our regular motor vehicles, motorhomes also come in different models. The models may vary in the make, shapes, sizes, and inherent features and facilities. Conduct thorough research about the types of motorhomes and then decide which one is most suitable according to your requirements. Your options will consist of class A, class B, and class C, and each type has its own pros and cons. Compare their features and check if they meet your needs. Then head to a place that rents motorhomes with all the necessary information on hand. Such places that rent good motorhomes in Perth are quite easy to find. Always ask for a manual of the vehicle that you select in case you need to get handy amidst the road trip.

What should you pack?

Once you have decided on the vehicle that you will drive, the next step is to start packing. Packing itself can be categorized into several stages, the first one being, making a checklist. Checklists can be your safe haven and present the anxiety that may build up at some point in the preparation. Next, you should check the weather forecast for the days you’ll be traveling. This will help you pack the necessary loathing items like body warmers in case of winters or raincoats. Pack the necessary toiletries and electronics keeping the space in your motorhomes in mind. Store ample water and canned food in case you do not find appropriate spots for restocking. Also, trailblazing on the roads of Australia can be quite dangerous due to the encounters with unknown insects and bugs so remember to pack first-aid kits that contain some universal antidotes to the stings of such creatures.

Where should you stay?

Since road-tripping and living in campervans is pretty common in the country you shall be able to find plenty of motorhome friendly campsites wherever you are headed. Though keeping this one pro tip in mind can help you a lot to overcome this hurdle as well. Pre-determine your routes, mark down the fuel stations, and geo track some campsites with good reviews in advance. The modern technology of GPS is a camper’s best friend and there are several new apps like WikiCamps and Campervans Australia that can come to your aid for this purpose. 

Keep these pointers in mind for a safe and fun-filled jaunt

Since you are new to the concept of motorhomes, always keep its size in mind while driving on the roads. Remember to make friends on the way and cherish each and every memory you make. There will be some trying times and unknown territories during the first few trips but you will learn from it and yearn to get back on the road.

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