Hire Luxury & Budget 4WD Car Drive in Brisbane

Brisbane known as the sunshine capital of Australia enjoys an enviable climate of warm, bright summers and clear mild winters - An ideal place to visit all year round. There are a number of popular holiday regions close to Brisbane with the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coasts are only an hours drive north and south from Brisbane.

4WD Rental Drive in Brisbane

Aussie Campervans offers 4WD rental for 4WD campers and 4WD Cars in Brisbane and this is the perfect place to start your Australian 4WD experience. There are many 4WD tourist attractions just out of the Brisbane city for you to try out explore 4WD rental driving and discover some of Australias best beaches and rainforest areas.

Hire a 4WD Camper in Brisbane for the Adventurous Trip

Glasshouse Mountain Track – this 4WD track is every man’s 4wd dream adventure. Located just north of Brisbane along the Bruce Highway, there are many tracks to explore and test your 4x4 skills in all kinds of conditions. Turn left to Steve Irwin Way and then onto Bahrs Rd. Drive your 4wd rental for another 5 minutes on Bahrs Road and then take any left to some of the most amazing 4wd camper driving you will ever do.

From steep descent to rut out tracks and huge mud holes - you will be entertained for days. The track conditions changes frequently so be cautious as tracks may become completely unpassable in wet weather. We recommend you plan your trip and have a fair idea of your route and leave ample time to get out before night fall. Do not attempt this track when there is much rain in the area or you may get bogged in the clay.

Moreton Island - just 40 km out of Brisbane showcase some amazing wildlife and scenery. The Island can only be traversed in a 4x4 rental vehicle and there are plenty of 4wd tracks with more than 40km of beach to drive on. Ensure that your vehicle have good clearance when attempting to cross over on the inland tracks as these tracks are sandy and you can easily get bogged on the soft sand. Note: There are a couple of parts of the beach that you can’t drive on.

There are passenger ferries taking people to the wrecks which is worth checking out. Spend a leisurely afternoon swimming and snorkelling and view the abundance of marine life at the wrecks.

For 360° degree views of the island climb up to the lighthouse on Cape Moreton. Here you will see Mount Tempest, the biggest sand dune in the world and these stunning views are certainly well worth the climb.

There are a number of campgrounds on Moreton Island plus camping zones on the beaches all with different facilities. For more camping information check out http://www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/parks/moreton-bay/index.html

Fraser Island Northern Forests - a must do for any 4WD enthusiast when you are heading to Fraser Island. This scenic 36km drive starts at Happy Valley and heads north-west towards Yidney Scrub. You will be crossing through rainforest, woodlands and past the Boomerang Lakes.

The Northern Forests track are for experienced 4WD drivers only. These tracks very rough with deep ruts and soft sand and for most part of the track you will go through dense rainforest. The area offers much diversity and you must not miss the opportunity to visit and experience this adventure on your itinerary to Fraser Island. Drive a 4wd rental on the beach at low tide. Risk of a rollover is high during high tide. 

Visit to Lake Garawongera or Lake Allom – both with very nice picnic grounds and amenities or continue on to Knifeblade Sandblow lookout before reaching the eastern beach where the campsites are located.

Vehicle access to Fraser Island is by Ferry (Barge) only. Permits are required for beach driving at Fraser Island and can be obtained from the Queensland Parks Booking Website. Driving instructions are also issued and should be adhered to as driving on sand can be a tricky proposition.

North Stradbroke Island – is approx. 2 hours’ 4wd rental drive east of Brisbane with many 4WD bush tracks and kilometres of sandy beaches you can drive on. Only drive at low tide times and stay on harder sand. Remember not to drive or park in the water or the dunes and also watch out for other beach users and wildlife

Four wheel driving is only allowed on Flinders Beach and Main Beach and designated access points. Driving is not permitted on beaches 45 minutes either side of high tide time.

Safe Driving Tips for the 4WD Camper Road Tour

  • Reduce tyre pressure before driving onto beach (Manufacturer’s recommendations for suitable psi)
  • Engage locking mechanisms in wheel hubs (if required)
  • Engage the four-wheel-drive setting
  • Drive only on the beach, or on formed tracks
  • If bogged, reverse and try driving forward again
  • Check depth and softness of sand before crossing creek beds
  • Keep left of all oncoming vehicles
  • Keep to the speed limits